Time & Price Analysis w/c 3rd Feb 2014

Hi Welcome to this new weekly (as time permits) posting.

Each Week, ideally prior to Tuesday, I’ll publish the expected outlook of the S&P500 Index, If I have the time I will also include Gold and the EURUSD forex pair.

The analysis is built from very simple terms – the swings that the market has produced in the past, for Weekly charts I’ll include as much data as I’ve got, for the daily charts I look back 5 full years.

Obviously this only provides a Typical projection for Time & Price – It is vital that you look at what’s happening on the Higher Time frame charts to gauge market possibility from those.  The Weekly chart has more weight than the Daily charts and so on.  Therefore it is completely logical that the projections on the Weekly charts can force the daily chart to move greater than what is projected on the Daily charts – So if there’s any big nasty moves that don’t make sense on the Daily charts, shift to the Weekly chart to see if it starts to look OK there.

It’s also critical that you understand that the Weekly and Daily chart might contradict one another – the Weekly might be looking for a Uptrend to end whilst the Daily is looking for a terminal point to the Downside!

I will as time goes by expand on price analysis by incorporating Gann and Fibonacci ratio analysis – this is likely to be after the fact to show you levels that work and fail.


Market = S&P500

Monthly chart = UP

Monthly Time & Price S&P500

Weekly Chart = Up but possibly correcting

Weekly S&P500 Time & Price

Daily Chart = Same as Weekly, although Price getting well into Price zone

Daily S&P500 Time & Price

Market = Gold

Weekly Chart = Down Trend, although possibly correcting, nice Double Bottom formed, How far will this UPswing travel?

Weekly Gold Price & Time

Daily Chart = Down, I’ve projected the likely price and time based on price continuing DOWN – I’ve only done this to see what price does around these levels – what I should have done was moved the vertical marker BACK to the of 31st December 2013 and projected price UP (that’s sort of on the Weekly chart above – I’m sure by next week it will be clear which swing to use.

Daily Gold - Time & Price

Market = EURUSD

Weekly Chart = Flat, although bias to the down side in the short-term, although the trend from 2012 is UP

Weekly EURUSD - Time & Price

Daily Chart =Correction is progress

Daily EURUSD - Time & Price

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  1. All markets inside their respective Price and Time zones as per the chart – as expected. what we have no idea at all of is when and where price and time will stop and reverse


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