Further Price Analysis – End Jan 2014


It’s Wednesday 29th January 2014, thought I’d update you with my analysis of what’s going on.

I’ve not updated todays price action on to the charts, as you’ll see it’s not really that critical.

As you can see from this chart it is a WEEKLY S&P500 chart – If we focus on the swings made from the low in March 2009 to present we have Price and Time target zones shown:


These are assuming the fact that it’s just a correction occurring, if something bigger is happening then we need to look at the last 2 bear markets of 2000 and 2008 to run our analysis from – will do if it comes to that.  But for now I’m assuming this is a normal correction within a Bull market (It will peak at some point).

You will notice these prices and time vary from the Daily chart a bit – that’s because the swings on the Weekly chart are often greater and last longer than those on the daily charts.

The key level (not highlighted) on the Weekly chart is the June 2013 LOW (previously mentioned)

I will be starting a series of post using this analysis, I’m easily distracted, so if this is something you really would like to see and receive then shout if I fail to post it for a while – I will try to post analysis for S&P500, Gold and the EURUSD pair, showing Monthly, Weekly & Daily Price and Time zones.

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