W/C 27th January = 7th Strongest week of the year

According to the statistics of all the years for the FTSE100 (Since 1984) this week is the 7th strongest.

Therefore I have purchased with 1R risk a FTSE100 Binary bet for less than 20 points due to the large losses the FTSE100 index has been having the past few days – all the FTSE100 has to do is finish above 6663.74 for this bet to finish @ 100 points – this equals a 4R return potential on the risk so in my book a risk worth taking, even though it’s looking a big ask!  you never know though.

We’ll have to see how the week progresses, compared to previous days the S&P500 didn’t fare too badly today, after hours it’s not down too much, we’ll just have to keep an eye on the market.

Anyway, for now I can forget about it and watch it Friday a lot more closely.

The next date to keep an eye on is (FTSE100): Monday 17th February to close UP

The next week to keep an eye on is (FTSE100): W/c 17th March 2014 to close DOWN

These trades can be found in the Stock Market Almanac (UK version)

Yep this is a risky trade, but my thinking is if I can trade 10 times this year with 50% success @ 4R = a net profit of +15R

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