Complimentary Report: 15 Charts that Tell the Story of What’s Coming in 2014


Dear Reader,

I may not be Santa Claus, but I have an early present for  you this year. It’s actually 15 presents in the form of 15 charts of financial  markets with analysis by Bob Prechter, the president of Elliott Wave  International.

He created these charts – which cover markets like the  S&P 500, NASDAQ, gold, and mutual funds – to explain where financial  markets have been and where they are headed. These are not your typical price  charts. They combine history and patterns to tell the story clearly, all from  his distinctly different point of view. With this information, his Elliott Wave Theorist subscribers are  now prepared for 2014. And you can be,  too, because you can get the full 10-page issue, FREE.

Elliott Wave International hasn’t offered a free issue from  Bob in quite some time, but they feel that the message of this issue is  extremely important and can provide you with an outlook for 2014 that you  shouldn’t miss.

Prechter says that “charts tell the truth.” Here is your  chance to see what truths these charts are telling. If a picture is worth a  thousand words, then this publication is like reading more than 15,000 words of  his market analysis.

Pointer: Be sure  to check out one of the coolest charts, which shows how Main Street investors  actually see the markets better than Wall Street.

Download your free 10-page issue of The Elliott Wave Theorist now.

Enjoy your present,

The Hovis Trader

P.S. It’s a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity. And it’s free, this is essential reading for all involved in the markets. See these 15  charts for yourself now.

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