Looking at the new Fed Chairman – Is she genuine?

Here’s some damning evidence on her capabilities, it looks like the current chairman has managed to avoid trouble.

I don’t have time to search for and collate evidence such as this, but it should be done on every major public figure who’s position can influence decisions, just give me facts, so that I can assess everything for myself.

I’ve covered elements of this over the years, you are told what they want you to hear, Elliott Wave International in some of their published works cover and have written about this type of thing.

If your money was not at risk through blatant lies, it would not be as serious, but it is, this is why we only need the truth about what is truly happening, because for some people it could wreck their lives.

My own research suggests that the people that the media go to for opinions and articles, especially government agencies, have NEVER warned the public of tops in the market and/or bursting of bubbles or market crashes – pretty damning in my personal opinion.  These “EXPERTS” have continually failed to warn of disasters, surely if they’re that much of an expert, they’ll be able to tell you when things are likely to top out!

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