Some basic Time Cycle Analysis

Here’s a few charts looking at Time Cycle’s that are potentially turning points – I have no Idea (nor does anybody else) whether these will work or whether they will be significant turning points – All I know is that is what the maths is saying.

Chart 1:


The Dynamic Time Projection within my  software and displayed in the chart above shows a few high probability dates that could potentially call a high – These calcs have been done using Fibonacci numbers/projections from the swings you can see in the chart.

The expectation is IF the market abides by Fib numbers and Fib time – then these projections ought to catch another market swing

My own personal use of this has not been fantastic – I get too caught up in it being specific! Anyway based on Fib Time projections these are the approx. dates.

Chart 2:


In chart 2 we have my personal favourite Time Cycle projections – I’ve analysed all the market swings displayed in the chart, and projected the most likely time periods for the next high as displayed in the Indicator window on the chart.

Again – no one in the world can 100% say whether it’s a temporary high or the top – my experience just tells me that can’t be done.

What the chart is telling me is, IF the market is following the same swing cycles as are displayed in the chart and it’s followed of the past then the most likely time (displayed & shown) for a high is calculated.  (End Nov 2013 – Jan 2014)

Chart 3:


Last chart – Chart 3 – rather than using TIME, I’ve projected PRICE

Based on previous market swings over the past year or so – the area displayed on the chart  is a high probability target zone and especially the shaded section – price is there NOW!

I will make a note to try and post this type of analysis once per month on the S&P500 with BOTH Time and Price projections

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  1. Not exact, but accurate for the Time ZONE – markets reversed in BOTH the Time and Price Zones – Swing Low taken out today (markets not closed as yet) so this could be a very important place for the main markets.


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