Another great video to open your eyes

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  1. Mike

     /  October 30, 2013

    I subscribed to your blog for your views on the economy etc – not for a load of conspiracy cobblers. I’ve unsubscribed from your blog before you send any 9/11 or moon landing youtube links…..

    • Mike – you’re entitled to your opinion. What if it’s all linked?

      I’ve spent 4 years researching the Fed and you know what I keep on arriving at all the “Conspiracy Cobblers” you happen to mention.

      I know for a fact that all the rubbish he mentions about the Fed is true – I discovered it for myself before I happened to stumble across this video on youtube.
      If I find a youtube clip that Includes financial matters that I agree with and think they have relevance I’ll be posting it regardless of it’s classification, don’t feel compelled to watch them.
      This video reveals facts about the monetary system that some people aren’t aware of, those facts have a bearing on the economical nature of the world not just the USA.


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