The IMF wants you to pay more TAX

Well this report from the IMF seems to suggest, reforming taxation so that overall more taxation is paid.

The best part of the report is Box 6 – in effect they’ll just steal funds from your bank accounts – Cyprus style!  these events when they do occur typically happen on the Saturday of a long public weekend so that no-one can get to the banks Monday am!  (That’s the tactics of your friendly loving government for you)

This just defies logic and common sense, why would an Independent organisation be writing reports for governments about increasing worldwide taxation?  The report would be more suited to a business that is looking for strategic increases of it’s income.

Conspiracy Theorists suggest that a handful of people run the world – these actions look suspiciously like a business looking for strategic ways to increase it’s bottom line!

you should be able to view the report here in PDF format:

If not then here’s another link:


Be very careful, on the world stage the IMF is obviously thinking about raising revenue from forms of taxation, I keep mentioning that we are meant to live in a free democratic world – as long as we do what others in power tell us we have to do!

Sounds like freedom eh!

If they did not need or want your money then no mention of taxation would have been made, discussed or printed

Be careful.

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