D-Day – Market Fall

Has to happen now.

If my call on 2013 is correct it has to happen now – I do have dates for December, but the real power for 2013 was in May’s dates.

Time cycles can be annoyingly frustrating because there are times when they fail, simply fail with no explanation to them – this could be one of those times.

The last Time Cycle in the sequence was 17th October – May’s and August’s Time Cycles have produced double tops which is impressive, but we need a fairly hefty and decent fall in the markets right NOW for me to have confidence in the outlook for 2013 as originally planned.

The current Time Cycle that I’m waiting for results in a 3 year bear market that then ends s deflationary time cycle – We have everything in place bar the fall!!!!!

I’m not making up excuses for this Time Cycle, I’m simply trying to make sense of it, as it’s got me confused, probably because I’ve been waiting for it to arrive for over 2 years and when the dates arrive and not much happens it makes you scratch your head!

If this Time Cycle that I’ve been expecting and waiting for arrives much later than October I don’t have a valid reason as to any such date and I am likely to just void the cycle – this is the whole point of trying to predict the markets – to have specific dates!

We’ll see what actually happens, there are dates for 2014 – I might publish those in November/December 2013 time, I’ve been concentrating on other matters this year and have not considered 2014 cycles – I need to generate them and post.

So to recap, the market has to fall within the next week really for my outlook to be valid, we’ve got the classic spaced out topping formation forming that often accompanies stock market tops, we just need to see the decline.  Again if price turns considerably bullish then my 2013 Time Cycle will be voided and I’ll have no choice but to chalk this down to a learning experience.

Remember I’m using the 2013 Time Cycle as confirmation and a gauge of my outlook for the following few years as I’m more concerned about the larger time cycle, having the 2013 time cycle confirm would of been nice.

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  1. UPDATE – OK it’s fair to say that the 2013 Time Cycle has not impacted as it was expected – it was due to arrive late May 2013 (It did, to the EXACT day) but a paltry 7.5% fall does not suggest that this cycle worked.
    Market price action since May 2013 has been messy and as previously mentioned if the market turns around and falls fast then we could say “maybe” the TC worked – but in all reality the TC was 100% accurate in terms of the date but the follow through just was not there as expected, which is a shame. This just goes to show that you can’t 100% rely on TIME as a factor because sometimes such as this, it sorta works yet fails!

    My outlook is for a major trend reversal January 2017, which is ages off as yet, but if I’m right about that date we should see bearish prices in the years prior to a bottom in Jan 2017. All we have to do is wait for it! Frustrating eh.


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