A big reason WHY 2013 stock prices are in the Stratosphere

A Big Reason Why 2013 Stock Prices are in the Stratosphere

Margin debt is up 100 times in the last 39 years

By Elliott Wave International

A famous quote attributed to Archimedes, the ancient Greek mathematician, is: “Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world.” And, as you probably know, leverage can also move the stock market.

In the July-August Elliott Wave Theorist, Robert
Prechter discussed the role of leverage in sending the market
to new price highs.

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First, take a look at this chart from that issue, and then read Prechter’s commentary.

Margin debt, incredibly, is up 100 times in the
last 39 years (see the chart above). It was $4 billion back
in 1974; it’s nearly $400 billion today. That is a big reason
why stock prices are in the stratosphere. You might think
that there’s a lot more money around, thereby justifying
the rise. … Let’s normalize this indicator to GDP and
see what we have. … [M]argin debt as a percentage of annual
GDP is still 10 times the 1974 level. … The current
ratio is also 3 times what it was at previous major
in the stock market in the 20th century.

The Elliott Wave Theorist, July-August 2013

Margin debt levels are not a precise market timing indicator, but one major financial firm advises caution.

“Investors have rarely been more levered than today,” said Deutsche Bank, warning that the spike in margin debt is a “red flag” and should be watched closely. … It said the equity rally may have further legs but it cited “astonishing similarities” between the latest patterns and events preceding prior market crises.

— The Telegraph, August 13

The high levels of margin debt in the stock market should be a concern to every investor, as should other indicators that Elliott Wave International reviews.

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was originally published under the headline A Big Reason Why 2013 Stock Prices are in the Stratosphere.
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