David Icke Exposes the Money Scam [sorry] System

Hi All,

I could not of put it simpler or better myself.

I’ve been mentioning the weaknesses of The Federal Reserve system and the banking cartels for a number of years, need to wake up and be very aware of what can go wrong!

I used to be a Financial Adviser and I’m willing to bet that NO financial adviser prior to 2009 could of explained this as well as David does – NO ONE

I would also recommend adding David’s site to your favourite’s and subscribing to his you tube channel.

David officially “came out” to the British public in 1990 with his theories, I was just a 15 year young lad and I thought he was mad and crazy – I’ve spent the past few months reading his works and watching his videos, and now realise that he’s been virtually spot on a host of subjects – Well done David for having the foresight and courage to speak out.

If you missed it – rewind to around the 25th Minute – Orwells 1984 novel – It’s all out there in black and white for us to find.


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