Do you understand the world?

Hi All,

I’ve decided to occasionally include on the site and in my posts key content to living that I deem worthy of being noted and respected.

In 2010 I started researching the Federal Reserve bank and the number of times I have been redirected in my research to Masonic symbols and temples is astonishing, So following on from there my research has taken a few tangents along the way and it’s ultimately led to the doors of some of the worlds conspiracy theorists – a CRAZY outcome I know and not one that I thought I would find myself looking at, but you know what, I agree with them, this then leads you onto other forms of research – I like to make sure of the facts!

With regards to what I have discovered about the world of finance and what the “conspiracy theorist’s ” say are virtually exact in their conclusions, so if they are right on the details of world finance what about their other claims?  As a well-rounded, logical person I’d have to say that they make logical sense – in a world that does not make sense!

I’ve not gone crazy or having a mid-life crisis (although I am approaching middle age that is true) but the questions I’ve had for many years are suddenly being answered and it makes sense!

for further reference likewise people are : David Icke, Dr. John Coleman, Jim Marr, there’s bound to be more

This video is long at 2 hours but is another worth watching –

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