A little reminder from W.D. Gann

One of W.D. Gann’s rules was to SELL Double and Triple TOPS.

See if you can see what the market has done since the top in 2000?



Top number 2 would of yielded massive profits, as would of Bottom number 2, in case you’re still unsure Top number 2 is a DOUBLE TOP and bottom number 2 is a DOUBLE BOTTOM.

To add additional detail Tops 1,2 & 3 have aligned with key Time Cycles as did Bottoms 1 & 2.

Yes I have an exploratory short on the S&P500 for my pension plan, I did not quite manage the top but I got in very close to the current top in late May.

If you trade by Gann’s rules this is a very clear Triple TOP formed and a major Time Cycle has also landed.

Of course it’s not certain but it’s a high probability trade/position to consider.

What am I expecting from this point on?  Option 1 = falls from these highs / Option 2 = A daily double or triple top formation are perfectly possible because there’s 2 more time cycles due to hit in 2013 and they could force the market to make DT’s or TT’s.

But as it stands I have a very high probability trade staring me in the face that I can’t not trade – If it turns out May 2013 turned the market I will be aggressively adding to my current position on other trading accounts.  whatever happens I’ll be shorting the market aggressively once the tops confirmed – remember I am very bearish for the next 3 years.

How can I be so confident?  Look at the chart above, all those number points are linked to key major Time Cycles, the sequence says a top in 2013 and a bottom in 201x, so far it’s not failed so I’ll stick with it!

and you’ll notice NO Indicators in sight

There is a very high chance of a Triple bottom too in the next 3 years, also If Triple Top 3 forms and we have a decent price fall from it, one of Ganns other trading rules becomes active (not discussed or disclosed) – Once Triple Top 3 is formed that order can be placed in the market months/years in advance

It’s important to do your own research and testing, because W.D. Gann also had other trading strategies that I can’t get to be profitable.

Hope it helps


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