Updated Time Cycle Analysis


I thought I’d include the blog readers into this, I’ve added a new chart detailing possible Time Cycles for market turns over the next year or so.

I don’t reveal the Time Cycles but they are the some of the ones described in my recommended Gann Course provider.

The only problem we might have is if I’ve not got the starting points correct – I’ve obtained this starting point 1 from the 6th March 2009 LOW  – the November 2012 starting point 1 is simply a repeated cycle from that date – the next year or so is the next axis of that particular Time Cycle.

S&P500 TC 2013

We can see that the RED cycle from Starting point 2 had a minor effect on the market by putting in a minor top, let’s see what happens when the next point of that cycle hits on 31st May 2013.

The caveat here is that before I commit money to a trade I need to see the market confirming my thinking – I don’t just buy/sell because a time cycle level arrives!  Even if the Time Cycle date is accurate and correct the effect it has on the market might only be small – regardless to what other people tell you, at present I do not know of a way to accurately predict price levels.

Think big then go small – Large cycles due this year are a potentially market topping cycle due in May, August or October – this cycle is derived from past highs/lows back to the 1960’s, the current particular cycle playing out typically ends down for 3 years.

The smaller cycles in the chart are obtained from the current state of the market from 2009 low – If the market has shifted phase then these cycles won’t work.

Let’s see if/how it unfolds over time.

A permanent copy of this chart is on the W.D. Gann page – Medium term Predictions page

The Hovis Trader.

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  1. Update: 5th June 2013.

    It looks as if this TC has had an effect – I’ve previously mentioned elsewhere that the first 1-2 weeks after the TC date needs a fairly decisive move, I’m not happy with minor moves as happened on 19th February 2013 (Red TC line). there is every chance that I have not got the right start date for these TC’s, but when working these out months ago these produced a nice clear and good fit/match with each other, all we have to do is see how good (or rubbish) they are once price action hits and goes past them.

  2. If you’ve bought and obtained my recommended Gann course providers work, you’ll know that he managed to nail the May 2013 to the day, there is one last turn date within that sequence and that day is TODAY 19th July 2013 – see page 104 – If this fails then as previously mentioned August and October are potential turning dates


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