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I’ve said for many years that Elliott Wave International analyse markets very efficiently and effectively looking at various aspects that most just ignore.

This video is just a little snippet of a 45 minute video that goes into a greater explanation of the mechanics of the markets and is def worth 45 mins of your time, to access I think you have sign up to EWI – it’s FREE:




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  1. Okay, looks as if the video has not embedded – I’m technically minded and I don’t have the time today to try to sort – there’s a web link at the bottom of this comment that takes you to the relevant page.

    In the rest of this 23-minute video packed with charts, figures and commentary, Prechter explains:

    How the impact of social and financial events like 9/11 and the Enron scandal on stocks is shocking in a different way than you think.
    The surprising relationship between interest rates and stocks.
    Why oil prices have zero predictive value to stocks.
    Inflation and deflation’s impact on hard money.
    Central bankers’ supposed power to turn trends.
    What new data says about the long-term viability of investment models based on earnings and value.
    The secret force that drives the investing decisions of futures traders, investment advisors, money managers, hedge fund managers and economists.
    The full 23-minute video is online now and free to Club EWI members.

    Watch Prechter’s new 23-minute video now to discover the one simple insight that will change the way you invest forever. Hurry! It’s free only for a limited time.


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