SPECIAL – Market Outlook by Robert Miner

Hi All,

This is a very special video post from Robert Miner.

The vast majority of people visiting this site come via a search term for DTosc or DTosc formula – obviously they’ve read Robert Miners “High Probability Trading Strategies” book and are searching the web for the secrets – there are no secrets!

Although I don’t use Elliott Waves, I always enjoy Roberts (rare) video tutorials as I DO use Time analysis, logic & of course the DTosc.

If you enjoyed Roberts book then the video is a must watch, as it covers virtually everything from the book and is a great educational piece.

Remember my date for a TOP in this market was for the end of April-May 2013, so Robert and I disagree on the final top, BUT, if you check out a couple of my recent blog posts you’ll see the time zone I predicted for a top this month – whether that is a temp or final top we’ll only find out in due course.

Here’s a link if you’re interested in Robert Miners views on the market (S&P500):

Stock Index Video Forecast

March 2013 and Beyond

By Robert Miner
Dynamic Traders Group, Inc.
I’ve just posted a video report for the stock index forecast
for March 2013 and beyond.
The forecast includes the probable maximum time and price
targets for the extreme high in 2013. These targets are very close to the current market.

The report is free.

To view the report, go to


The video is about 50 minutes and is a great learning experience
along with a valuable forecast. This is not a sales report.
It is pure education and forecast.

I am making this new video report available to all friends of Dynamic Traders Group.

If you find the report useful, let you trader friends and discussion groups know about it.


Robert Miner
Dynamic Traders Group, Inc.
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