Next MAJOR Time Cycle for the Stock markets?

I thought as I was working on the blog, I’d pop up the next major time cycle for you.

This time Cycle is due to commence in 2017 and if it follows it’s expected course it should look something similar to the chart below:

This chart is from 1949!  The Time cycle REPEATS – they ALL do – the thing to do is WATCH as it all unfolds.

I’m pretty confident that for the next BULL market phase of the stock market this is it’s approximate path- we’ll see in 2034

What happened during the equivalent Time Cycle from 2000?

Look below:

The chart is the Dow Jones from 1929


look familiar to the Nasdaq from 2000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s virtually the blooming same.

It is extremely hard to calculate and work out these time cycles – none of this is my own work, it is the work of my recommended Gann Course provider – a genius that I have never met, who’s unlocked the map of the market.

My recommended Gann course provider also shows you how to time the swings within the major cycles using other time cycles, to isolate turning points visible on monthly charts.

Hope it helps


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