Next HIGH for the S&P500

Based upon the cycle swings in the S&P500 over the past 7 years [2006-2013], this is what my software is telling me when to expect the next high in the S&P500:

S&P500 Next High

Let’s see how the Time Zone pans out.  The dates are shown in the Indicator window on the chart above.  The purple colourd dates are the High-High cycles, the Grey coloured dates are the over-lap = Ideal time for a correction and the Green coloured dates are the Low-high cycles in bullish moves from 2006.

If this market is still dancing to the same tune then in all likely hood a TOP should typically occur within that time zone followed by a minor correction or maybe even a major correction.

Obviously I won’t be trading a short unless a clear short set-up occurs within the Time-Zone.

This is not trading/Investment advice, I’m showing you just one of many ways to predict and project Time cycles within the markets.

Each market has it’s own Vibration rate, so what works for the S&P500 might not work out exactly for say Gold etc.  the best way of running Time analysis for Gold would be to use the Gold chart and analyse Golds swings from the past!

I’d recommend that you use this information only watch what happens.

Please for the life of you remember my prediction on W.D. Gann – Medium-Term Market Outlook page – that Time Cycle is very very accurate.  In case you’ve forgotten or are not aware the Time Zone for a market TOP for many years is between April-October 2013.

Obviously within this Time Zone there are 3 (yes 3) key Time Cycles that are due – If each of these Time Cycles are as strong as each other, we might see double and triple tops forming during that time zone – If the 1st Time Cyle [due end April 2013] is the strongest then prices should just melt away, with only small/minor reactions as the other time cycles reach their expiration dates.

I’ve got some real exciting stuff to show you using Fibonacci Time cycles, but that’s for another blog post in the future when I have time.  Incidentally some Fibonacci ratios are showing a Top for 2013 too!



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  1. I will [sometime] during 2013 map out the stock market for you for 2014 (maybe longer), using Time Cycles like those shown on the W.D. Gann – Medium Term Market Predictions page


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