Trade Card

Every time I enter a trade/position on any of my trading/Investing accounts I complete a Trade Card.

This Trade Card stays in my diary until the position is closed in full, so at any time I can review the trade card to see what stage a trade is in according to my rules – sometimes I have 10-20 positions on at the same time and it’s the only way I can be 100% sure of the exact status of the position/trade.

As soon as I enter a trade/position 90% of the trade card get’s completed, the remaining 10% gets filled in upon the trade/position closing out.

I prefer to have a paper print out so that I can log and monitor by hand, once the trade is closed then I file away.

The important aspects of the trade card are also typed direct onto the chart in my charting software to for reference – such as:  Enter trade @ 1999, £13 pt, Stop @ 1900 = £1287 risk.  Target 1 = 2098 (sell 50%, trail remaining @ 21 EMA)

Once a trade/position has been sold in full, I then update my trading spreadsheet once per week with all completed trades for my records, from all the completed Trade Cards

This Trade Card suits me, it’s probably not perfect but it works, here it is:


If the link above fails for some reason and you want a copy in Word format email me: thehovistrader at and I’ll email you a copy for free – please feel free to copy for your own personal use only.

Hope it helps


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  1. Ryan

     /  February 22, 2013

    This is a great and simple way to see where your trading “business” is standing at all times. This will be very useful. I use a trading log that I created-but I like the simplicity of this one better. Thanks!


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