Market Cycles and Points of Force

Watch this space, well specifically my medium term predictions page for new and updated material.

Most of this work is from my recommended Gann course provider – I have simply carried on the work/research documented in the course and projecting forward.

I will not post whether a turning point is associated with a high or low as the purpose of these posts and the medium term predictions page is for you to see just how accurate the authors work is.

Do market cycles work?  I think they do, if you have a fairly good idea of what the market should do and roughly when you can position yourself accordingly – Obviously this goes without saying that you have to have a fairly reliable trading set-up if playing/trading the cycles.

The one aspect of making money from the markets is that no-one can with any degree of confidence tell you WHEN in TIME a market turning point should be likely.  I remember hearing one very high profile trader say back in October 2010 that a series of cycles where converging and to expect a major turn!  The market continued upwards!  The experts at Elliot Wave International where calling a TOP in 1986!  (I was only 11 then, so I had not even got involved with the markets at age).  I like to use cycles as roadmaps, to have an idea of potential turning points in the markets and have a trading plan to trade them if and only if the cycle looks to have worked – I will be elaborating on this in further posts in the future as to how to trade with the cycles.

W.D. Gann and a few others are the only ones to have put their name on the hat of Timing the markets, Gann’s financial timetable is still fairly accurate to this day, although it has got out of sync a little – search this site for it as I’ve a link for it.

I like to see a cycle repeat with a high degree of accuracy at least 3 times, ideally more to give me confidence in that cycle, if you can trace back a Time Cycle over many decades it becomes even more useable.

There is also a heck of a lot more detail than I will disclose that is involved in cycle analysis of which I will not reveal as it’s in the courses.

This industry is full of sharks and rip-off merchants, I will answer generic questions but I will not give specifics.  If you want specifics you’ll need the courses in their original format, so that you can learn for yourself the techniques and cycles.

The Hovis Trader

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