2013’s Here

A belated Happy New Year to All.

I’ve had a great Christmas and New Year – completely away (well for 2 weeks) from the computer, Blog, Facebook, Twitter and the like.

Although I’m not really a Christmas person the time off is welcome as it gives me plenty of time for reflection on the previous 12 months and the time to plan and look ahead for the next 12 months.

As many of you know, I’m returning to near full-time trading for 2013.  This basically means I’ll be 100% focused on trading rather than other aspects of my life during 2013, it does not mean I’ll be trading full-time for 8 hours a day – I don’t like day trading and expect most of my trades to be from a Daily chart, which means I’ll be holding positions for days into weeks and months – This usually involves a few hours a day at most in prospecting & managing positions.

I’ll be using THT Propulsion mainly with a slight variation (my tutor group has this set-up) and I plan to start searching for set-ups Monday 7th January 2013 until Friday 13th December 2013

The goal is to obtain a 40% rate of return as a minimum of my entire account – we’ll assume its starting value is £10,000

(Why 40% because by having a lazy 2012 I’ve managed 25% so if I’m focusing more on the markets I’ve decided to up the goal, to be honest as long as I return 11%+ I’ll be happy in the knowledge of beating the long-term returns of the market)

So 40% over 44 weeks (I plan to have at least 8 weeks holiday) = 0.90% per week or approx 4% per month

There’s a few key Time Cycles arriving in 2013 that are sure to make the market interesting so if you are the buy and hold type of investor it would pay you to be very careful.

IF these Time Cycles arrive, they will play havoc with my trading and they are not Ideal ( I should have done this challenge during 2012!!) but we will do our best and if they do arrive they will hammer the buy and hold investor far more than me so already I’m in a decent position. (These Time Cycles are only known to my Tutor group and students)

Again I have no preference to markets, Earnings or the economic outlook – they are of no influence at all over my trade selections – If the market I’m looking to trade is going up then price will move that way regardless of the fundamental outlook (and vice-versa)

Stayed tuned for updates, trades of the week and returns notified to the Monthly returns page

Happy Trading and Investing during 2013 to all

The Hovis Trader


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