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Happy Xmas, Review of 2012 and messages


In October/November 2011 I received an email asking me to issue further posts on various trading styles I use, that weekend I thought long and hard about the committment and dedication required to do just that and decided to go for it and in November 2011 I moved to WordPress and decided to build a half decent blog site covering essential aspects to trading.  (Well in my eyes its half-decent) – If I added up the entire time spent sorting out the content for this blog it would run into hundreds of hours.

The blog could be smoother, slicker and more interactive – I don’t possess those skills & I have no desire to learn them so what we have is good enough for me.

There’s numerous pages within this site that contain essential material – It’s up to the reader to cover all the pages to get what you need from them.  I’m always adding updated and new material to the pages too and over time these will grow in content – please remember that I only publish what I deem useful content.

In the past 12 months over 12,000 visitors have looked at this site, this is beyond my initial thoughts and I’d like to thank all those that have visited during 2012, its made putting in the time and effort worthwhile.

I’ve still not got the site as complete as I’d like but its 90% there, this is likely to be completed over the Christmas period (2012).

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – for me It’s a time of year to relax, spend time with the family and relax some more.

Trading results for 2012 have been as expected – average, I’ve spent many months studying market cycles during 2012 which has taken my focus away from placing trades (I prefer to focus 100% on one topic at a time, I don’t like juggling many balls) – During 2013 I will be releasing posts and detail on some aspects of this.

Anyway trading results for the past 12 months have been  approx 25%, which is 2% per month which is poor – good job I was not trading full-time for those results!  For anyone new reading this, the reason for these poor results is not a bad trading system or poor application of my methods – its a simple case that I have only traded a few times per month because I’ve been focused on other aspects and placing trades have come as an after thought this year.  If you remember I trade to live not live to trade, for the freedom it provides.

I do plan to focus on trading during 2013, as a result I expect my returns to be greater than 2012 by some way and as a result blog posts won’t be as frequent, however, I do plan to incorporate video posts to live trades, updates and for my “Trade of the Week” – this will make it easy for you to understand the trades and quicker for me to produce and post! win:win

This does mean that I will NOT be glued to my computer screen 24/7 – it basically means that I’ll be 100% focused on trading during the week and I’ll take each and every trade that presents itself to me (this year I’ve easily missed over 100 potential trades)

When the cycling and cricket are on they will take priority I’m afraid, but I’ll work my trades around this.

I won’t be logging every single trade either – I have no aspiration of creating further administration burdens to my life by logging precise trade details – I might consider a basic form of statistical collection of wins, losses, average win £ v loss £ etc

Remember “There’s nothing new in the markets, its really what you’ve not learnt, that makes you doubtful.  Markets have always moved Upwards, Downwards and Sideways and guess what, they alway will.  All you need to do is devise a strategy to take advantage of each one of those market phases, have a plan, make sure you’re taking out in profits 1.5 times more than you’re risking and that your strategy works greater than 50% of the time and you will be successful.

I have NOT forgotten about my Market Education series of video posts – these will be revived, continued and uploaded as and when I have the time (and desire) to devote to them.

All the best for your trading and Investing during 2013 – It should be interesting


A Historic Peak in the Amount of U.S. Government Entitlements

[Article] A Historic Peak in the Amount of U.S. Government Entitlements.


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