THT’s Market Education – Lesson 2

In Lesson 1 we looked at the concept of obtaining a straight 25% rate of return per annum and the effects compounding this up over the years – this calculation was left to the individual to experiment and play around with because this is a very personalised aspect of someones finances, we will in due course get around to looking at ways to obtain this 25% ROR, but first its essential that we understand other key concepts of the markets, because if we don’t the chances of failure are high, by understanding, applying and incorporating these concepts into your trading methodology you will reduce the risks of failure and give yourself a fighting chance – these essential aspects will be covered in separate videos in this series.

Here’s lesson 2:

After viewing and considering the accusations made in this video about traders, it is impossible to disagree as if you disagree you then ought to know a cast-iron 100% certain way to trade and make money from the markets, which of course does not exist and my accusation stands.

As always remember I’m providing you with the basis to explore and develop on your own terms and pace – I am not providing an exact step-by-step guide, if I was going to do that I’d of produced a DVD course to sell

Happy learning

The Hovis Trader

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  1. I always knew I was a gambler and I honestly think anyone who trades and denies it is dilusional. Of course, that’s not saying you can’t be a good gambler though.

    Here’s to hoping I figure that part out soon though…

    • The HOVIS Trader

       /  October 11, 2012

      Hi Pit Village Trader,

      Wait for video 3 – I explain the concepts to beating the odds.
      I know of no way to trade for 100% certainty, if it existed I’d be using it as I’ve spent years looking at methods.
      We are all gamblers, the pro traders are just pro gamblers BUT they still endure and have losing trades, it’s just they do something different to the non-pros – of which I’ll divulge in the video series.




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