THT’s Market Education – Introduction/Preview


Welcome to this multiple series of learning about the markets.  It does not matter whether you are a long-term investor, a short-term day trader or like me a swing trader, the concepts and applications that I’ll reveal over the series are universal in their application.

We all have the same aim and that is TO MAKE MONEY FROM THE MONEY WE INVEST – the amounts will differ, but essentially all we want to do is grow our money at a greater rate than it would in a bank account.  For me my own personal aim is to make at least 25% per annum on my money, any more is a bonus – How many of you have sat down and worked out what obtaining 25% on your money means over your life-time or say 25 years?

I am an Ex-Financial Adviser the number of people I have seen saving £50 a month into a pension/retirement plan with an end date 40 years later is huge – that’s £24,000 in total only to obtain a 6% (approx) rate of return over that time period compounded up = £98k after 40 years, whilst if you did the same savings but made 25% a year compounded = £22.5 MILLION! – obviously you don’t really need that much money (or you might want it) so rather than commit £24k to the cause over 40 years you might start with just £1k which would turn into £7.5 MILLION  @ the exact same term and rate of growth – I am determined to get people to think smarter, can you SEE how by investing LESS over the same term but by making your money work for you you could be totally and utterly financial free.

Imagine this:  You learn how to obtain 25% a year from any market, you are not greedy and decide once you’ve obtained 25% net returns you’ll quit [saving/investing] for the year and restart the following year, your overall goals are to be financially FREE (asap) and you will quit work and trade full-time once you have £250k banked – you will achieve this is 25 years time, if you start with only £1k, if you have £5k this will be achieved in 18 years – what if you obtained 50% a year or started with an different amount or added a lump sum further down the line?

– Get an online compound interest calculator and play around with some figures – obviously its hard to obtain 50%+ a year but it can be done – it all depends why you are Trading/Investing!

My aim is to guide you through what’s required to make a success of the markets, each lesson will look at various aspects and if there’s additional understanding to be learned I’ll refer you to those outside sources.

This Market Education series will comprise of multiple lessons spanning many weeks and months (due to time constraints on my part) – I’m afraid from a excitement point of view it’s going to be very very boring, unsexy and serious, but, it’s critical to your becoming a successful trader/investor – If one of your goals are to be a successful trader year in, year out then these lessons are essential – I leave the exciting, heart-pumping stuff to the amateurs who supply the market with liquidity for us Pro’s to relieve them of – these people are true gamblers on the worlds markets.

If on the other hand you just want to gamble, have some fun on the markets, make a shed load of cash, find excitement from the markets then please don’t waste your time reading this or any other of my lessons & posts – my education course is not for you, you’ll not benefit from it, feel free to come back and review when you’re deadly serious about making trading work for you.

I don’t know everything about the markets – NO ONE does – but I know what is needed to win at this game, with a 95% failure rate in this industry – I must be doing something right to be winning.

So what can you expect to get out of future Market Education lessons?

  1. You’ll see how a professional trader/investor thinks
  2. We’ll look at the common mistakes amateurs make
  3. You’ll learn and understand Risk, Money Management & position sizing – You’d be surprised how many professional money managers don’t understand some of these concepts!
  4. You’ll understand why some of the riskiest investors are Buy and Hold investors!
  5. We’ll look at set-ups, Entries, Exits and Trade management
  6. I’ll guide you through an Economics 101 tour
  7. Heard of market cycles?  They happen all the time, we’ll explore them, did you know there’s also Time and Price cycles?
  8. If you rely upon a Financial Adviser to advise you on Investments you’ll learn why that’s a very big risk and I’ll show you how to beat them
  9. Grounding and understanding of the markets
  10. Understanding Indicators & Oscillators
  11. Understand market swings
  12. Understand trading concepts and set-ups using price action and Indicators
  13. Understand that the Holy Grail your searching for is inside of you – Its not an indicator!
  14. Watch me trade live using the concepts and rules I talk about
  15. Be on your way to joining the 5% club and leave behind the 95% club

I’m going to start to incorporate video into my blogs (If I can get it set-up properly!) which will make it easier for me to compile lessons and blog posts and easier for you to learn from & understand – this will NOT be professional quality, I’m not selling newsletters or seminars so I’m keeping it as low cost as possible to provide this to you for free (and the fact that I’m not very IT literate).

No question is too stupid to ask – feel free to ask, I might reply straight away but you can be assured that I will reply to you eventually.

This education series will also be free of cost and available on my You Tube channel (search The Hovis Trader and subscribe to keep up to date) – what I would ask is that if you find these concepts, strategies within the video tutorials profitable to consider donating something to my favourite charities – details on this page here Charities – Thank you in advance.

The Hovis Trader

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