Why All the QE and low Interest Rates? – Deflation Report

This free report might just help to answer what’s been going on in the markets over the past few years, at the very least it will explain WHY central banks are being forced to offer ultra low Interest rates and WHY they have been pumping money into the system in the form of QE and you’ll understand WHY if inflation keeps falling they’ll keep the taps turned on!  The choice is yours whether you access, read and understand the report, those who do will have an idea how to prepare themselves.

One thing is for sure, those of you that bother to download and study the report will know more about QE, inflation and deflation than the average Economist – we live in a world whereby actions affect our finances, if in centuries of financial trading economists, central bankers and governments have never managed to tame inflation or deflation then why should this time be different?  You’re right, it probably won’t be so you need to try to understand what’s going on – hence the report, it was written over a decade ago but it’s continually updated.


The Hovis Trader.

New Deflation eBook Available Now: Our friends at Elliott Wave International have just released a complimentary 90-page ebook on deflation from Robert Prechter. As deflation fears are back in the news and most likely also on your mind, it’s more important than ever to — at very least — give the deflationary scenario a serious look. After all, deflation could pose a serious risk to your wealth if it occurs, and no one has explained the potential threats — and how you can survive them — better than Prechter. Even if government stimulus and out-of-control spending have you more convinced than ever that inflation is dead ahead, we recommend that you take a look at Prechter’s reasonable argument to the contrary — just in case the markets surprise everyone as they so often do. Download Your Free 90-Page Deflation eBook from Robert Prechter Now.

As the biggest credit bubble in history continues to shrink, consumer prices have stayed flat over the past several months, meaning there is ZERO sign of inflation in the economy — despite growing commitments from the U.S. government.

So what’s keeping inflation at bay, given all the stimulus money promised? The answer: Deflation — an overwhelming urge for consumers to liquidate their assets for cash.

And this new economic phase is finally becoming too obvious to ignore, as explained in recent commentary from the world’s largest technical analysis firm. “The economy is moving into a critical new phase, an outright deflation in which ‘prices fall because people expect falling prices.’ Obviously, this implies an element of recognition, as efforts to protect against indebtedness and falling prices contribute to further declines. We can tell deflation is entering a new stage because of the language and ideas that financial observers now use to describe it.” — The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast (September 2010)

So how do you protect yourself from deflation? The first step is to understand it.

Elliott Wave International has put together a complimentary 90-page ebook, now updated with 30 new pages of commentary from Robert Prechter through 2010. The ebook is designed to help you prepare, adapt, survive and prosper in the event of deflation.

Prechter has spent most of the past decade as an outcast among financial forecasters, because of his certainty that deflation would soon shock virtually all investors – despite the policy makers and string-pullers who promised to prevent it.

To show you just what Prechter’s deflation forecast was up against, consider this: Experts from all schools of the economics profession said deflation was “utter nonsense,” a preoccupation of “small children,” and as likely to happen as “being eaten by piranhas.” How could deflation begin when the entire economics profession unanimously said it’s not possible?

Yet there’s no question some deflation HAS occurred. The question now is, will it get worse?

In his new 90-page ebook, you’ll see why Prechter argued deflation was likely, and why he was certain a monumental deflationary trend would unfold sooner rather than later.

Remember, deflation is extremely rare; it last happened in America almost 80 years ago. So, a forecast of deflation that proves accurate is a monumental feat – especially when all the “experts” disagree.

So if economists were unable — or worse, unwilling — to warn you in advance about the threat of deflation a few years ago, what are they not warning you about now?

It’s time you gave the deflationary scenario a serious look.

Please follow this link to get your free 90-page ebook and deflation survival guide from Robert Prechter now.

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  1. Governments don’t keep Interest rates @ rock bottom and issue tonnes of QE for no reason. These very actions really hurt (financially) those that rely on savings to live and it is THIS very group of people (the over 50’s) that ALL governments rely on for VOTES – why would they financially cripple on purpose the very people who turn out to vote? If anything (if governments were able to manipulate rates) they’d make sure that this group of people were ALWAYS happy and financially comfortable – the facts are governments can’t control markets and downturns – These downturns don’t come out of the blue either, they occur in cycles or regularity and occur roughly EVERY 20 years (give or take) of which the government of the day is POWERLESS to prevent.
    The fact the present government is having to issue low Int rates and QE suggests that it is trying to prevent something from occurring – check out the report all the answers are in the report


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