Quick Update

Hi All,

Just a real quick update as I’ve not posted anything for a while, but what I have been doing is ADDING new pages to the site AND updating current pages.

Being a successful Trader/Investor Is just like being an Olympian athlete – you have to be on top form all the time to win the gold medal.  Olympic athletes don’t just rock up to a meet in their track suit and perform.  They’ve researched, practised, trained, analysed and tested out their method hundreds of times on the track and in their minds. When they get to the start line of course they’re nervous, but they know what they have to do and if their body is good enough then they’ll win gold.

Obviously someone who’s 4 feet tall is not going to win the high jump!  They will have found a sport that suits their physical statue and then excelled at that sport – I terms of how this relates to trading and investing?

It’s like picking the wrong set-up for your personality.

As I say in some of my opening pages the reason I trade is for the freedom it provides – although,  I’ve done very little since May, I’m a massive cycling fan and the 1st Grand tour of the season starts in May and there’s something on pretty much most months thereafter to September, normally I just place trades and let them run but this year I’ve not really bothered – just because I’m a trader does not mean that I have to have a position on all the time – I’m bound to have missed many trade opportunities during that time.

I’m about to head off on holiday soon and I do have plans to run a post about recent market action and what to expect next based on the signals that the markets giving off, but that’s likely to be sometime during September.

Current market action has given off classic trend channel opportunities within a choppy upwards channel – I will no doubt highlight this in September as I can cover a host of strategies in the one post – I’ve not explored this, but there looks like an Elliott Wave, Trendline, THT Trampoline (you’ll not know this one as it’s not published on here) my ABC to D set-up and a host of things that would leave most traders thinking urgh what’s happening.

As I mention elsewhere on the site, markets can do 1 of three things – move upwards, downwards or sidewards – you need a trading strategy for ALL 3 market potentials, as you or I don’t have a clue how long the current market type will last for

Parting thought:  If you wanted to be a brain surgeon, you’d have to study and learn for years, be shadowed in your work before being let loose.  How come millions of people think they can read a book on trading and start to make millions?  the very fact there’s a 5% success rate in this game answers the question

Parting thought 2:  How come in Europe they’ve had 18 crisis summit meeting and nothings fixed?  If governments, economists and the like know how to fix things how come they’ve failed in 18 meetings?  Logic says if it;s serious it’d of been fixed after meeting 1 – The Hovis Trader says: If they knew what they were doing and they actually controlled the economy then there’d never have been a problem in the first place – what out for the blog on this later on.

In the meantime take care.

The Hovis Trader

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