You turn, Me Turn, U Turn – Which way to Turn?

Even the government struggles with this one, clearly! which probably why they just go around in circles

This is not a political site, but I’m afraid economics, politics and financial markets all interact.

For visitors to this site from outside the UK, let me give you a brief explanation why I’m posting this content:

In the UK we were due for 3p to be added to the cost of 1 litre of fuel/gas/petrol etc – in addition to the tax we already pay on fuel, we currently pay approx (figs not verified) 57.95pence of the cost of litre of fuel as tax – the Raw material is very cheap, but when tax is added to it, the cost is driven up (pun intended).  Then out of the blue on 26th June 2012, the government scrapped the 3p rise due on 1st August 2012 – this is the nth U turn the current government has made in the past few weeks.

In my view the over-riding cause is the bear market we are living through, this is causing the government to make many mistakes, mis-statements and back tracking that is exposing them or rather exposing their lack of ability to sort this mess out – which If you understand how the markets work you already know that NO government can control what’s happening.

The video below details a number of key points I’ve referred to on this site:

  • Socionomics – governments REACTING to events etc
  • Government Ministers proving they don’t know what to say and how to do things – they require the help of “Briefing notes” from their party on what to say
  • The Governor of the Bank of England – confirming there’s no end in sight to the depressive state of the UK

Once again this is visual evidence – there will be more of this is future months and years as this crisis deepens, If you are so inclined It would prove useful to refer back to available footage of government action when this all started between 2007-09.  I will eventually upload on here at some stage when I have the time.

This depression will end, it’s not nice being part of it, but it will end and for those that have sat up and looked to the government and central banks to solve the problem, by the time this depression ends, they will understand that those people [government, political regime and central bankers] cannot control this beast.  you have a confession by the UK’s BoE gov saying so!

This is why I keep saying you have to learn how things work for yourself and not look to the government.  In all my years of studying the worlds markets to find out what makes them move and how to protect myself I have not found a better insight than that provided by the Elliott Wave International team and especially their Socionomics model to make sense of market behaviour>politics>media coverage>life

Many thanks for compiling this video and making it available (details on video)


The Hovis Trader

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