You can’t make this stuff up

This really is a must watch Video clip of the UKIP Minister (MEP) Nigel Farage – he knows and understands the truth that is and has been hitting the EU.

I’ve been telling people for 3-4 years now that there’s never been enough money in the bailout pot

By the way Elliott Wave International Click HERE – predicted this decades ago, through their study of the stock market and social mood analysis!

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European Central Bank: “Great White Fear” Takes A Bite Out of Recovery
EWI’s Global Market Perspective foresaw the shift in European banks from lenders to savers via one remarkable chart Elliott Wave International

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  1. Earl in Abingdon, Berks.

     /  June 25, 2012

    I simply cannot get enough of Nigel Farage or Pat Condell- in a minute way, they suggest that there is hope for Blighty yet.

    Just look at all those “MEP”s that Farage has to sit with in the useless Euro “Parliament”- old, enervated, irrelevant Euro castrati. Pafetic, innit?

  2. Dave

     /  April 2, 2013



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