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It’s very very rare that I do this, but there’s certain things and events that cause me to inform you of what I consider to be breaking news/information that I believe warrants your attention.

If a press release comes out officially I’ll add it onto the bottom of this post.

Elliott Wave International have on Wednesday 7th June 2012 released an special free addition the their Elliott Wave Theorist & Elliott Wave Financial Forecast publications focusing on the USA Bond Market, – CLICK HERE,  it all ties in with what has already been published (but updated to 2012 dates) in Conquer the Crash (published in 2002) and up until now continues to support the theory for a Deflationary Depression click the image to buy a copy.

In my opinion the information and content of this free supplement on the Bond market is critical, Why?  Because if you read it carefully and the events mentioned unfold it allows you to position yourself and act to avoid the pitfalls of the likely events due to unfold If their assumptions pan out.  REMEMBER: there will be no precise way of knowing that this report is correct or not until after the events have occurred, BUT, at least If you are aware of the possibilities you can watch it unfold knowing the steps involved.

To be able to access this special report you have to be a subscriber to either the EW Theorist or Financial Forecast – You can sign-up to EWI by clicking here, then just buy a months subscription, get your copy (making sure to obtain the special supplement just published) and if you don’t wish to continue with the subscription cancel the standing order.

If you would be affected either positively or negatively by the Bond markets (Bond markets control Interest rates, they also play a major major part in pension plans and “safer” investments) then I personally think for the sake of $20 or so for a one-off purchase to get the special update would be money well spent – obviously the final decision is solely down to you.

At the least have a scout on their site to see if you can access the report for free as they sometimes release articles for free somewhere on their site – I’ve not looked so I don’t know If they have or haven’t (before I get an email asking)

As I keep mentioning (In prior posts) I don’t consider Elliott Wave Counts – I’ve seen them work perfectly and I’ve seem them fail perfectly – for me the real nuggets are the analytical aspects of the financial world which you just don’t see published or mentioned in the mainstream media.


The Hovis Trader

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