Do you keep getting Stopped Out?

Are you currently or have you ever had the misfortune of having your stop in a safe place only for it to be hit and then the market immediately reverse and resume the original trend you originally got on board?

Me too!  Only yesterday I placed a day trade only for the market to immediately rip through my stop level and spike high to a previous swing high where there was bound to be a stack of stops in place – Once it had moved up just passed the swing high, it mysteriously reversed direction for the rest of the day!!!!!

Did you know that within the market orders can be seen by the real pro’s – i.e. the market makers etc – they KNOW the precise levels where masses of stops are (Usually the last Swing High or Low) Is it any wonder why sudden price spikes occur!  Draw your own conclusions.

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Check out this video to become aware of how the Professionals go hunting for stops:

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