Is Investing and Trading Rational?

Check out this video by Robert Prechter (It’s not long)

This concept tells you why people tend to HERD in their decisions especially for Investments and Investing, think about the implications of traditional economic theory and see how the markets are the other way around:

I have so much material on Elliott Wave Theory and Socionomics that it’s hard to know where to start and what to include – at the end of the day if you’re interested you’ll sign up for the freebies and carry out your own research, In the meantime I’ll continue to post those articles that I deem are relevant.

Check out the book “The Mania Chronicles” in the right sidebar – inside that there’s some great charts linking events to market action – It’s not a cheap book but the content is worth it if you have any thoughts that news, economics or events drive the long-term nature of the markets.  As it helps you to see other aspects that are associated with Investing and the markets.

One key one I can remember was my Mother giving me Investment “advice”/recommendations in 1999 right before the Tech bubble burst!  Funny how everyones an “Expert” at the tops??????????!!!!!!!!

Again I make no excuses for promoting Robert Prechter and Elliott Wave/Socionomics – the views and analysis offer thought provoking reactions to the markets – I class this as one of my edges when Investing compared to Joe Retail who’s listening to the news, reading tips and what not.  I want cutting edge research and analysis of which (so far) I have only found interesting from Elliott Wave International.

There’s also lots are “Free Goodies” available on the  site once you sign up.

Have a great day

The Hovis Trader

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