Review of 2011

Last post prior to Christmas, so I thought I’d wrap up 2011

I can’t really review trading performance over 2011 as I’ve not really traded that much, I’ve had a learning and slow year – purely intentional I had  a great July 2010 and that allowed me to take 2011 easy should I wish and that’s what I’ve done – to me this is what trading is all about, you should not feel compelled to have to produce results all the time if you don’t wish to.  If you want a month off, take it off – you’re your own boss – live your life how you feel fit to do so (within the law!), do not let trading take over your life, unless you want it to.

So far this year my total cumulative profits for 2011 have been around 15% – which has beaten the market (FTSE100/DJIA) and I’ve not really been that focused this year.  From a pure statistical point, 2011 has been by far my worst year since I became a professional trader.  That doesn’t concern me though as it’s not the result of a poor trading set-up, poor set of trading rules or making a shed load of mistakes.  It’s simply down to the fact that I’ve traded a heck of a lot less than I previously have and as such you’d expect lower returns.

The only disappointment for me from 2011 is that I have not done any Charity Weeks – something that I feel guilty about and as such I’ve come to the following decisions, during the 2012 Charity Weeks I will be just a tad more aggressive in the trades that I take and I will look for more trades to make up what I’ve not obtained during 2011.  Also If I have a good 2012 I might add a couple more charity weeks into the calendar.

I’ve currently tweaked and improved (very slightly) my trading plan and I’ve set my goals for 2012.

2012 will for me be a very busy, in a nutshell this is what I’ll be doing:

  • Minimum profit return goal is 30% – although target is 100%+
  • Charity Weeks reinstated and maximum focus during those weeks with minimum risk
  • Attend the London Traders Expo in March 2012 and one Traders Expo in the USA (most probably the Las Vegas Traders Expo in November 2012- wonder why!)
  • I’m a passionate Cycling fan and May/July and August are key times for the “Grand Tours
    with the Italian Giro, Tour de France and the Spanish Veulta + the Olympics so during those months my focus will not be trading
  • I also love watching Cricket and the season starts in April-September so I’ll have to plan a few matches into my schedule – this will be done over the Xmas break, as well as family holidays to be planned and booked out of the diary.
  • I’ll be looking to place 1-3 trades per week to achieve my goals
  • My max risk will £500 per £100k held with a profit target of £1000 per £100k

I make my full trading plan available to those that pay to access my Money Manual page – you are permitted to copy my Trading Plan and adapt to your own needs.

I do plan to keep this blog up to date as much as time permits during 2012, feel free to leave any relevant comments and if you have any questions please feel free to ask as I guarantee an answer.

I will do throughout 2012 a few (not that many though) live trade analysis, like the FTSE100 trade of the past 2 weeks – this is likely to be on video as it’ll be quicker and easier to explain the analysis verbally rather than written – and it will save me typing!

Over the Xmas period I do plan to release a 2012 prediction page on the site, this will be open and available to view all year round, but on Facebook I will reveal one secret from my Money Manual that is an important consideration – so keep your eyes peeled for that and press the like button for FB on the blog posts to access.

I’ve read a lot of good and not so good books and trading material this past year – on this blog site I am not prepared to recommend any resources that I do not find useful or haven’t bought and liked myself – you can be 100% certain that the courses and reading material on this site I have personally found very useful to my education and profitable as a trader.  Most can be found on the Recommended Resources page and also dotted on various pages on the site.

I hope you’ve had a great 2011 and I wish you all the very best for Christmas and the New Year.

Here’s to a prosperous trading & investing year in 2012

The HOVIS Trader

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