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    "It doesn't matter whether you want the markets to rise or fall - they sing to their own tune and if you're not listening to the markets tune your money is at stake" The Hovis Trader
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This site contains the “HOLY GRAIL” of Investing – KNOWING WHEN to Invest is the Holy Grail


Update: 22nd September 2015

The time is fast approaching when it is Once again OK to simply be a BUY and HOLD Investor, rather than a Trader – You can enhance returns by trading (trading will ALWAYS return more – if done right – than buying and holding), but for the very simple life during the right market cycle conditions it is far more easier to simply Invest and leave – but you HAVE to be aware of the cycles at play and how they affect the markets as buying and holding does not last forever – It’s my guess that high end double digit returns (NOT compounded and in the USA/UK markets) could be obtained from the next major cycle that makes Buying and Holding the simplest method of Investing – after 17 years of poor results

The date IS 6th December 2016 onwards until 2030’s

Update March 2017 – In the USA the cycle arrived 4th November 2016

In the UK it arrived BANG on time

As the 1st 2 Time Cycles arrived based on projection from the Nov 2016 date – it would be prudent to base most of the smaller cycles off that date rather than the Dec 2016 date, for accuracy! Then you will see that the LOW of Dec 2018 and the HIGH of Feb 2020, came in BANG on time! Amazing


I hope you find this blog useful and helpful.  The reason I’ve started this blog is to (hopefully) make it easier for new and experienced traders to trade and make profits from the markets – that’s the whole point of trading/investing right? And for this to form a blue-print that my children and their children can use in future years – will it still be valid in 20, 50 or even 100 years from now?  You bet it will, I’m using stuff in my trading that’s over 100 years old – these techniques will NOT go out of fashion, EVER.

There are many, many different ways to trade and invest – what you read about in my blog reflects the style that suites ME, now, my style might not suit you, it might not feel right to you – that is fine, it just means that you need to keep searching until you find the right style for you (and your personality).

This blog won’t be very slick, I’m not at all creative and don’t intend to be, the main message is contained in the trades I take and how I trade.  I could have the slickest, brightest, flashiest blog in the world but if my trading style doesn’t make money this blog is worthless!  First and foremost I am a Private Individual who makes a living from the markets, this blog comes low down my list of priorities – which Is why there won’t be 1000’s of posts  every week – the real content is in the blog posts and all the pages attached to this blog, I wrote the pages so that I did not have to continually be writing new content just to “fill” space.

My real aim for this blog is to show you that you can trade or invest for yourself, very profitably and successfully and to show you how to do that as easily as possible.  If out of 10,000 people I only help 1 person to learn and understand this business and be profitable, then I will have achieved my aim.

It really cheers me up to hear from aspiring traders that find this blog useful, thank you to those of you who have contacted me to express your gratitude and I’m happy to receive such emails from you.

The real factor here is to beat the market – there’s little point in doing this if all your going to do is match the market, you might as well just be a buy and hold investor. Head here to learn about Buy and Hold.  But I truly believe that for the vast majority of people obtaining a 25% per annum rate of return on your entire investment portfolio is highly achievable, if you are prepared to put in a bit of work and learning.

You will see that I promote various organisations products and courses – I do not sell my own course because I don’t believe I can better those that I recommend – I’m 98% self-taught, the remaining 2% I learnt from the courses and books I recommend.

I’m pretty sure this blog, it’s style and method’s will not appeal to everyone, hopefully to the ones it does you’ll pick up essential detail that you are able to use to make profits.  To those Investors who it doesn’t as a minimum I would recommend that you obtain the following books to add to your knowledge and Investment outlook:  W.D. Gann ” The Truth of the Stock Tape” written 1923 and “45 Years on Wall Street” by W.D. Gann – If you obtain those books and compare some of the statements made against articles under the title “Socionomics” in my blog posts you will notice that 2 very different people/organisations make very very similar statements of the markets – these 2 organisations are polls apart – one died in 1955 and his book written in 1923, the other is current and issues evidence against market action!

I sincerely hope that you find use and guidance from this blog, the aim is to outperform the main market when possible, but more importantly show you how to compound profits year on year whether that’s achieved via trading or investing so I can prove to you Investing your money correctly does pay off.

To read my latest ramblings click here to head to my blog page

I would like to make it crystal clear that I do not & will not provide advice or trade/investment recommendations – everything you see on this site is how I trade, it is here to help teach you my style of trading.  It is most definitely NOT a tips service – you are responsible for your own financial decisions, not me.

Good luck on your trading/investing journey – it will be fraught with frustration, doubt and emotional extremes, but believe me it’s worth the effort.

and remember 95% of people who try to make a living trading the markets FAIL – this business is clearly not for the masses (unless only 5% would fail!), If 95% of people are losing at this game then they have to be doing something wrong or listening to the wrong advice – combining the 2 is a recipe for loss of wealth!

During 2013 & 2014 I’m taking a break from the blog, I spent a huge amount of time on it throughout 2012.  I don’t have anything to sell you so there’s no reason for me to make regular “marketing” pitches.  There’s a wealth of information for free on the pages, some of it would be charged £1000’s by the rip-off merchants in this industry – Remember there is NO secret trading method, do not be hood-winked by headlines of “Learn the SECRET method”!!!!  Most are a pile of crap.   The real secret is giving 3-5 years of learning to the markets, understanding risk and money management is the real key to success, obviously you need some trading/Investment method that works too!

No Financial Advice will or Is given on this site – the views contained within are the authors views only and may or may not be relevant or realistic.  The reader is 100% responsible for how they personally interpret the content of this site – which could be wrong seen as a high % of would be traders fail in their quest! The owner of this site accepts absolutely no responsibility at all for others losses or mistakes.

The HOVIS Trader